animal kingdom

taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
Syn: ↑Animalia, ↑kingdom Animalia
Hypernyms: ↑kingdom
Member Meronyms:
animal, ↑animate being, ↑beast, ↑brute, ↑creature, ↑fauna, ↑animal order, ↑Chordata, ↑phylum Chordata, ↑arthropod family, ↑arthropod genus, ↑Arthropoda, ↑phylum Arthropoda, ↑Parazoa, ↑subkingdom Parazoa, ↑coelenterate family, ↑coelenterate genus, ↑Metazoa, ↑subkingdom Metazoa, ↑ctenophore family, ↑ctenophore genus, ↑Ctenophora, ↑phylum Ctenophora, ↑worm family, ↑worm genus, ↑Acanthocephala, ↑phylum Acanthocephala, ↑Chaetognatha, ↑phylum Chaetognatha, ↑Platyhelminthes, ↑phylum Platyhelminthes, ↑Nemertea, ↑phylum Nemertea, ↑Nemertina, ↑phylum Nemertina, ↑Pogonophora, ↑phylum Pogonophora, ↑Rotifera, ↑phylum Rotifera, ↑Nematoda, ↑phylum Nematoda, ↑Aschelminthes, ↑phylum Aschelminthes, ↑Annelida, ↑phylum Annelida, ↑mollusk family, ↑mollusk genus, ↑Mollusca, ↑phylum Mollusca, ↑Phoronida, ↑Phoronidea, ↑phylum Phoronida, ↑Bryozoa, ↑phylum Bryozoa, ↑polyzoa, ↑Cycliophora, ↑phylum Cycliophora, ↑Brachiopoda, ↑phylum Brachiopoda, ↑Sipuncula, ↑phylum Sipuncula, ↑echinoderm family, ↑echinoderm genus, ↑Echinodermata, ↑phylum Echinodermata

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: the one of the three basic groups of natural objects that comprises all living and extinct animals and includes about a million described species — compare mineral kingdom, plant kingdom

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the animals of the world collectively. Cf. mineral kingdom, plant kingdom.

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animal kingdom noun
A category of living organisms comprising all animals
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Main Entry:animal

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animal kingdom,
all animals, as distinguished from plants or minerals.

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